A holiday in Hotel Son Cosmet is the perfect time to pamper body and soul. Daily life often is hectic and the longing for more time for ourselves and a return to the best self is growing and growing. Be it that you want to release physical and mental tightness, become one with yourself again or simply experience moments of total well-being far away from the worries and routines of daily life. Our partner has put together a big spa menu for our guests, she is highly educated, trained and experienced and is coming to the hotel for your well-being. Relax and enjoy massages, treatments and yoga classes in calm and private atmosphere in Hotel Son Cosmet.



For thousands of years, massages have been used to create therapeutic effects. Different massage techniques and the soft contact with the skin have positive, long-term impacts on the well-being, stresses are relieved, muscle tenseness is loosened, the cell metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated, fears and worries can be reduced and good sleep can be promoted, even the immune system is strengthened by massages. Through the so called reflex arches a massage also can have a beneficial effect on the inner organs. There are thus numerous good reasons for a massage! Our partner gives a number of different massage types according to your needs and preferences:

  • Wellness massages and treatments to promote the overall well-being.
  • Classic massages to loosen tightness and relieve physical pain.
  • Lymph drainages for detoxification and reduction of water retention.
  • Hot Stone Massages that stimulate energy flows and loosen blocks thanks to the warm, smooth stones on the skin.
  • Tibetan swinging bowl massages that fill the entire body with vibrations to stimulate energy flows and rebalance body, soul and spirit.
  • Holistic Ayurveda treatments based on the traditional Indian healing arts to harmonize body, soul and spirit.



Osteopathy focuses on the reactivation of the self-healing powers against complaints with joints, nervous system, muscles, organs, head and spine.


Yoga and Meditation

The different body positions of Yoga, the so-called Asanas, promote harmony and reconcile body and mind. In combination with pranayamas, specific breathing exercises and techniques for the optimal flow of energy, and elements of Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation, yoga becomes a holistic experience. Meditation focuses on the improvement of mental skills and is, alone or combined with yoga, a unique experience to refocus on yourself. Individual yoga classes (available in Spanish and English) are available upon request, be it in small groups from 3 people or in a private class. We especially recommend the 3 day yoga retreat (2 hours per day) that comprises techniques for inner cleansing (Shatkarma).


Information and Booking


A full overview of the available treatments is available for download here. Please note that all treatments, massages and yoga classes are available upon request only.

Let us know before your arrival or at the reception how we can pamper you and if you have any further questions regarding the treatments. We’ll then get in touch with our partner who is coming to the hotel for you.

Enjoy pure relaxation at Hotel Son Cosmet.